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The SISTEMA project comes from the need to revive the Sociadade Musical Ordem e Progresso (or Musical Society of Order and Progress) - SMOP. Both GEIC and a group of largely Lisbon-based artists saw the potential in the space and were eager to reinvent it.

SISTEMA is an ecletic project striving to encompass all stage arts: music, theatre, dance, cinema, video and even artistic exhibitions. SISTEMA welcomes and caters to all ages, provides a space to learn different artistic skills and accepts proposals of other projects. Also, SISTEMA pays special attention to the local community aiming at including residents in different events and recreational activities. The team is made up of portuguese artists who have been active cultural agents for the past three decades. 

So, this group of artists saw in SMOP an opportunity. An opportunity to answer the need for more cultural spaces in Lisbon by reviving and reinventing a space with remarkable architecture and history. Situated in a noble area of the city overlooking the river and with the National Museum of Classic Art as a neighbour, SMOP will house a multitude of artistic expressions making SISTEMA a unique project.

Portrait of the band Os Pompeus who rehearsed and performed at SMOP, founded in 1898.

Front of SMOP in rua do Conde 77 - Lisboa

Interior of SMOP venue where several artists performed throughout the years, including the Parodiantes de Lisboa.


SMOP Hall revived by SISTEMA since April 29, 2022.

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With the aim of promoting culture in the neighborhood and in the city, we are available to share space for the preparation and/or presentation of other artistic projects.

For more information and appointments -


Address: Rua do Conde 77, 1º      1200-776 Lisbon

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