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Message from the founder of GEIC, Jorge Ribeiro

Dear digital community,

We need your help to ensure that anyone curious enough to seek artistic knowledge can find it here, free of charge. We are an independent website, managed by a non-profit association, serving young artists, art and the public.

In order to continue to support and publicize young artists, in an activity that is both difficult and important for humanity, we created this site for the dissemination and sharing of content, which we want to grow and diversify, keeping access to the content tending for free and without advertising.

We are fed by donations, with an average of € 45.00 per supporter / associate / friend. If everyone who uses donates only € 5, we can continue to offer these services for free and without ads. That's right, it can support a digital archive of works by young artists from all over the world.

We would also like to remind you of some of the activities of the GEIC over these 30 years:

- continued work on book publishing, painting exhibitions, musical projects, creation and participation in plays, image editing, artistic residencies, workshops, among other initiatives.

- the establishment of the Audiovisual Research Center, the holding of several plastic arts exhibitions under the trademark Arte Nostra Damus, the publication of the Cultural Information Bulletin, the publication of works by different authors, from the “O Homem do Saco” Collection, promotion of artistic residencies, and the holding of the annual event MoitaMostra - Encontro d'Artes em Meio Rural.

GEIC has only 1 employee and  collaborators on a voluntary basis, some supported by the Youth Institute, but it has already supported more than 1500 artists from different areas and the workload has always been increasing, so we need to give more stability to our employees.

If you find our cause useful, consider spending € 5, € 25, € 50 or the amount you want to make available to give this association the dignity and reach it deserves. I promise it will be money well spent.

Thank you.

Jorge Ribeiro

Founder and Professor of Arts


You can donate by bank transfer to

IBAN PT50 0035 0545 0004 6307 0308 1

or through paypal or card on the donate button.

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